A personal mentor is one who can start off where you are at right now and go from there. Many students of mine are already experienced readers. Some are novice and want me to teach from the ground up. Lessons are done at your pace. There is no set amount of lessons. You might just want one lesson or you might want a dozen lessons. It is a pay as you go deal. 

Guiding you on your Tarot Journey
Guest Speaker
Vincent is available to speak at your event
Tarot Mentor

Private sessions are done at a pay as you go system. Each session is $140 and last for an hour. Sessions can be done on the phone or in person.

Call me for more details if you think this may be for you.

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Reading your cards
I am not taking any new clients at this time for Tarot readings. Sorry, maybe try back again in October.
My prices will be going up in October as well.:
$35.00 for 15minute session
$70.00 for 30 minute session
$105.00 for 45 minute session
$140.00 for one hour session